How Human-Centred Are We, Really?

Matt Kurowski
1 min readNov 20, 2018


Here’s a fun little game to play. It’s like a sketch audit of you/your business/product/service/endeavour.
The scope of human-centred design is, well, large and ambitious. This scale helps us place current literacy and effort against that which is required to hit a minimum-viable compliance for systemic sustainability (how’s that for a sentence?).

Level 1

How do we get what we (as an organisation) want?

Level 2

…while giving our customers what they want…

Level 3

…AND deliberately giving us both what we truly need…

Level 4

…WHILE contributing to (and benefitting from) the success of our whole stakeholder network…

Level 5

…SO we all positively impact all life, our planet and our collective future?

Tough, right? Let me know your thoughts in the comments (and your biz’s level too, if you’d like)!



Matt Kurowski

Senior consultant and advisor for sustainable organisational innovation (SMEs); industry fellow at RMIT School of Design.